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The BBC releases a dedicated iPlayer Kids app for children's TV

The move makes it safer for children to stream content from the BBC's on-demand service
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April 12, 2016

The BBC has launched a brand new application designed to offer all of its on-demand children's programming in one single place. Called iPlayer Kids, the app can be downloaded now for iOS, and it of course makes it far safer for children to enjoy the BBC's Internet streaming service on a mobile device.

The application was released today, and although the BBC's iPlayer section already features a collection of kids' programming, this is the first time children's TV has been offered in a dedicated, standalone iPlayer app. According to the BBC, iPlayer Kids brings access to more than 10,000 episodes which can either be streamed over the Internet, or downloaded for offline viewing.

It also offers children up to four profiles, making it perfect for sharing between siblings (while at the same time offering personalized content for each user). The software features content that's designed to match the age range of each user, too, making it easier for children to independently discover the right kind of show for them.

Alice Webb, from the BBC, said:

The BBC iPlayer Kids app meets the needs we know are absolute deal breakers for kids and parents. We're offering choice and control, wrapped up in a child-friendly design and the largest range of home-grown U.K. content on a platform parents can trust.

Much like the BBC iPlayer app we already know and love, programmes in the iPlayer Kids application will be available to stream or download for up to 30 days.

This is a great move from the BBC, and something parents are really going to appreciate. As mentioned, you can download the application now free of charge; it's IAP-free, too, and is also available on Android and Kindle Fire devices. For now, it looks like the app is limited to the U.K. App Store.