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Uncarrier T-Mobile Launches Unlimited 4G LTE Plan

The plan, called the T-Mobile One, costs $70 per month (unless customers are looking to stream HD video, too)
August 18, 2016

T-Mobile, the so-called “uncarrier” and company behind countless plans aimed to disrupt the U.S. cellular market, has announced a new all-you-can-eat unlimited 4G LTE plan called “One.”

T-Mobile CEO John Legere introduces the carrier's One plans

One is designed to satisfy the needs of big cellular network users. It offers customers unlimited 4G LTE access with no data caps, and includes unlimited calling and texting, too. The monthly charge for a T-Mobile One plan is $70, though there is, as you might expect, a catch.

Folks looking to stream video content over T-Mobile's network using a One plan will either have to settle for standard definition, 480p quality, or they'll need to cough up an additional $25 per month for full HD. This means the total monthly cost for a One plan that allows customers to stream their favorite shows in high definition will cost $95.

The T-Mobile One Fact Sheet, from T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile One Fact Sheet, from T-Mobile.

When can I get One?

One plans are, iDownloadBlog explains, set to become available for postpaid customers beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6, and you'll be able to sign-up at either a T-Mobile store or online, at the carrier's website. The publication notes:

Prepaid customers will be allowed to sign up for One in the future.

Existing customers can either keep their Simple Choice plan or switch over to One for $5 per month extra per line without AutoPay enabled. New customers can add a second line to One for an additional $50 per month, with additional lines after the second costing $20 per month (up to six lines can be added).

You can learn more about the plan's finer details in T-Mobile's One PDF document, which is available here. It'll be interesting to see how the market responds to T-Mobile's latest offering. Of course, we'll keep you posted with further information as we receive it.