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Under a Spell

Fall Under a Spell in This AI-Powered and Multilingual Word Puzzle Game

Where word power holds the greatest magic
Pocket Gaming
April 10, 2017

There’s something about great word puzzle games that just commands the attention of the right kind of player for minutes, even hours, on end. It may just be the sheer delight of culling various words from one’s vocabulary. Or it may be the stimulating challenge that’s made out of such an elementary skill as spelling. No matter what that something is, to the right kind of player, word puzzle games can be nothing short of spellbinding. And aptly enough, the new word puzzle game Under a Spell is no different.

Step into the word magic with fun educational brain teaser Under a Spell

Like most word puzzle games, Under a Spell asks you to spell words off the board. But instead of just spelling any words you see on the board, you’re required by Under a Spell to find predefined words. What’s more, the words you to need to search out are unbeknown to you.

Find hidden words

In each level of Under a Spell, you have to find all of the hidden words one at a time by tapping or swiping across the letters in the correct order any which way — horizontally, vertically, even diagonally. For each word, you’re shown how many letters you need to swipe as your basic hint to form the word — just bear in mind that just because you’ve managed to form a word of the required length, it doesn’t mean that’s already the right one.

Solve daily puzzles

Moreover, there’s the added challenge brought about by the presence of special letters, such as frozen letters (which become available only after a certain word has been found) and timed letters (which are available only for a set time). Some levels also have multiple layers of letters, where the lower layer becomes accessible only after completing the upper layer.

Developed by Happymagenta, Under a Spell boasts polished graphics and soothing sounds that jibe well with its magical sylvan setting. But the thing that it can really boast is its special approach to the creation of its levels: It uses artificial intelligence that draws words from books, movies, and articles, ensuring that there’s more than enough verbal variety to go around. Under a Spell also rewards multilingualism, as it lets you play across several languages and lets you earn higher scores the more languages you play.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Under a Spell is available now on the App Store for free, with in-app purchases for getting more hints.

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Under a Spell
Under a Spell
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