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Upcoming Games Sky And The Machines Look Great During iPhone X Event

Pocket Gaming
September 12, 2017

Apple loves to show off their new products with demos, and upcoming games Sky and The Machines took center stage to show off the Apple TV 4K and ARKit, respectively.

During the iPhone X event, Apple took time to bring up thatgamecompany, the makers of Flower, to show off their next game. Sky was demoed on the new Apple TV 4K, and presents a new artistic multiplayer game. Sky is billed as a romantic social adventure game in which you fly above the clouds to explore a mysterious world. The game is designed to be played with others with support for up to 8 simultaneous players. Sky is made for casual audiences with one touch interaction throughout the game to allow for anyone to join in.

There’s a cinematic adventure to partake in, as you play as the children of the light, whose goal is to bring light to where it is needed the most. You need to work with others to find hidden areas, summon spirits, and gain new knowledge of the mysterious world shrouded in the clouds. Sky really emphasizes positive attitudes with compassion and generosity starring as main forms of currency to unlock different areas of the world.

Sky is coming this winter, and will be exclusive to the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

Following up Sky, was a demo by Directive Games to show off ARKit with the iPhone 8. The Machines is an upcoming game that is designed to be played entirely in augmented reality. You can play online, or with people in the same room, but either way the battlefield appears in the real world through the device’s camera.

The Machines is a real time strategy game with a head to head battle set-up in which your goal is to take out the enemy’s base and any machines along the way. The main distinction through AR is the ability to view the game from any angle, as well as zoom in and out, all by just moving around with your device. The game uses Metal 2 to display 1.2 million polygons that can be viewable at any time and from any angle.

It’s not just graphics that are impacted by AR. You can use the set-up for a tactical advantage to change your vantage point in real time to try to gain an edge on your opponent. The game also includes spatial audio so that the volume increase as you zoom in, and decreases if an in game object is in the way.

The Machines is set to launch later this month, exclusively for iOS.