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iPhone X Has a New Way to Force Close Apps

Apple has changed the interaction needed to force quit apps on an iPhone X
September 12, 2017

Usually, when we experience slowness on our iOS devices, we try force quitting apps to see if it makes a difference, or just improve battery life.

Previously, this was done by double-tapping the home button, or doing a hard press (3D Touch) from the left edge of the device, and you get all of your currently running or suspended apps. Then you swipe up on the app card to force quit.

With the iPhone X, this interaction has changed.

On the iPhone X, just do a long-press upwards from the bottom handle to go into a “Quit Apps” mode. Then perform another long-press on the app cards to bring up red minus buttons, and then tap on those to force quit. Optionally, you can also drag the card up to force quit too.

This can only be brought up through a 3D Touch upward swipe. Otherwise, you just go back to the home screen.

For a demo, please watch Jeffrey Grossman’s video on Twitter below.