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V-Moro US Flag Apple Watch Band

Get Into the Olympic Spirit With V-Moro’s US Flag Apple Watch Band

Support the red, white, and blue with this fun band
V-Moro US Flag Apple Watch Band
August 17, 2016

Unless you’re actually in Rio for the Summer Olympics, or want to spend some major dough online, Apple’s latest limited-edition watch band is probably out of reach.

Only officially on sale at Apple Stores in Rio, Apple is offering 14 different flag variations including the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, Great Britain, The Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Jamaica, France, and Germany.

V-Moro US Flag Apple Watch Band

V-Moro US Flag Apple Watch Band
You're a grand old flag.

You're a grand old flag.

Each one is $49 for spectators, and Olympic athletes can apparently snag up to two for free. As you could probably expect, the bands are going for some outrageous prices on eBay.

But if you really want to show some American pride as the Olympics come to a close later this week, you can find an inexpensive doppelgänger through I’ve recently been trying out the American flag version from V-Moro.

I’ve reviewed a few other knockoff bands available from the retailer, and have been pleasantly surprised each time. That trend continues with V-Moro’s option.

While I haven’t been lucky enough to see the official U.S. version in person, V-Moro’s band looks to be an almost carbon copy. It’s also as comfortable as Apple’s line of nylon bands.

I really like the blue connector that gives a nice rush of color to my Apple Watch Sport. And unlike some other bands, the connectors fit the watch perfectly.

My only issue with the band is the buckle and its color.

V-Moro’s band looks to be an almost carbon copy

Apple’s official version is obviously stainless steel and designed to match perfectly with that version of the watch. V-Moro’s buckle is a bit odd. It’s darker than the aluminum casing of the Sport version and as shiny as the stainless steel casing. It didn’t particularly bother me, but it can be an issue for some potential buyers.

The American flag version isn’t the only band that V-Moro offers. Along with a number of unique colors like camouflage, you can select from versions similar to Apple’s official nylon straps including scuba blue, pearl, pink and others.

What's Hot

What's Hot
  • Don’t have to fly to Rio or get lucky on eBay.
  • Almost an exact carbon copy of the official Apple U.S. flag version.
  • As comfortable as the official Apple models.

What's Not

What's Not
  • The color of the buckle is an odd shade of gray and doesn’t match the casing of either the Sport version or the stainless steel watch.
  • No other country-themed bands to select from.
Build Quality
Wow Factor
Aesthetic Appeal

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