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Viber Updated With Instant Video Messages and Chat Extensions

Emoticons in the app have been redesigned, too
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December 20, 2016

Viber, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, has just been updated with new features and improvements for when words just aren’t enough to convey what you want to say or express to your friends: instant video messages, chat extensions, and redesigned emoticons.


Instant video messages

Viber Instant video messages

Now, recording and sending a short video to your friends in the app is easier than before, thanks to a new feature that lets you share instant video messages.

You can access this new feature by quickly swiping on the voice message button in the chat screen. You can then toggle between voice message and video message. Just tap and hold the instant video button to record a video message and release to send it. Should you change your mind mid-recording, you can swipe left to cancel your instant video message.

Instant video messages are displayed within a circular frame and are limited to 30 seconds only. Also, unlike with Snapchat, they are not meant to disappear after a set duration.

Viber instant video messages record
Viber instant video messages send

Chat extensions

Viber Chat extensions

The app has also added integration with third-party services through chat extensions, similar to the ones that have long been available in Facebook Messenger.

To access a chat extension, just tap the @ button in the chat screen, select a service, and type your search query. At launch, supported chat extensions include those from Giphy (for animated GIFs), Wikipedia (for encyclopedia articles), and TheMovieDB (for movie details), with more services to be included over time.

You can also tap the @ button or type “@stickers” to quickly search for stickers from Viber’s collection.


Redesigned emoticons

Viber Redesigned emoticons

The latest update to the app also brings about a redesign of all of its available emoticons. According to the folks behind the app, “The new images were designed with a flat, colorful aesthetic that gives them a visual pop and makes them way more fun.”


Get the app

Viber Get the app

All of these new features will be rolling out to the app starting today, so be sure to get its latest version to enjoy them.

Viber for iOS may be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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