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Voiceitt Allows Users With Atypical Speech to Use Amazon Alexa

January 12, 2021

Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa have changed how we interact with computers and made smart home technology accessible to the masses.

And the new app Voiceitt allows people with speech and motor impairments to communicate using their own voice. The company behind the app recently received a CES 2021 Innovation Award.

Designed for a large number of different speed impairments, the app learns the unique patterns and helps people be heard.

Along with aiding in normal conversation, the app can be trained to interact with Alexa devices so users can interact with the smart home assistant.

Voiceitt can be pre-ordered now on the App Store and will officially arrive on Jan. 28. The app will be free and you can try it out for a month without being charged.

After that period, a subscription will be required to make use of the full app. It will offer more than 250 preset phrases and smart home commands. You can also add your own,

The free app will still feature five free introductory phrases.