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You can now purchase a separate Hermès band for the Apple Watch

The line ranges from $340 to $690
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April 19, 2016

Originally announced earlier this month, you can now purchase a number of different Apple Watch Hermès bands separately. Previously, you needed to purchase a special edition stainless steel Apple Watch to snag one of the luxury watch bands.

Three different looks

Three different looks
You can also purchase the Double Tour and Cuff.

You can also purchase the Double Tour and Cuff.

The pictured classic Single Tour is $340 and available in both a 38mm and 42mm version. There are five different 38mm band colors to select from – white, peacock blue, fawn, fire, and black. The 42mm band can be purchased in sapphire blue, gray, fawn, and black.

As the name suggests, the Double Tour wraps around your wrist twice. It’s only available in a 38mm version and in one of five different colors, peacock blue, sapphire blue, gray, fawn and fire. It retails for $490.

Rounding out the band options is the 42mm Cuff. It’s only available in fawn and costs $690.

The original line of Apple Watch Hermès landed in late October. They can be purchased online or at a number of different Apple Store locations. The line ranges from $1,100 to $1,500.

Interestingly, now that the Hermès bands are being offered separately, you can purchase a standard Apple Watch and one of the luxury bands for significantly less.

You can purchase the bands through the Hermès website. They are also available through Apple’s online store.