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Capture (Time Machine)
Capture (Time Machine)

Get A Perfect Shot With Your iPhone's Camera Every Time Using Capture

September 9, 2013

Capture (Time Machine) (Free) by Marvin Lee is a new iPhone photo capturing app that will make every photo perfect, regardless of how much your hand was shaking or your family members were blinking. Taking cues from BlackBerry 10′s camera features, which originally came from an Android app, capture allows you to “rewind” photos to previous states that were captured before you hit the shutter button. It’s funny how things work out, right?

When you open Capture, you’ll be greeted with a typical viewfinder and a shutter button on the edge of the screen. With iOS 7′s release date around the corner, it’s almost a requirement that new apps visually fit the operating system, and Capture definitely meets those expectations. The user interface is very flat, with only essential functions that are easy to access and understand.

From the moment you launch the app, Capture’s shutter button will begin to pulse. This indicates that the app is actually capturing many photos in the background. The app will actually stop once you’ve hit the shutter button, assuming that you’re just about satisfied with your photo.

Even a novice iPhoneographer will tell you how difficult it is to take a great photo. Eyes like to blink, hands like to shake, and strangers like to take bad pictures. After hitting the shutter button, Capture will allow you to swipe back in time and choose a picture that was taken in the background by the app. The idea here is that you’ll always be able to pick the best shot, since the perfect moment always seems to come before hitting that shutter button.

When trying to choose the photo that turned out the best, it can be difficult if they all look the same. For this reason, Capture allows you to save all of the options to your Camera Roll in one tap. If you want to get a closer look at the details within your photos, you can even use the magnification feature to zoom in. If you’ve found a favorite photo, you can also save just that one to your Camera Roll.

I am extremely glad that an app with this kind of functionality and ease of use has finally come to the iPhone. Unlike a lot of camera apps, Capture can actually serve as a great alternative to iOS’ native camera, since it fits in with iOS and performs just as well. Capture (Time Machine) is free in the App Store as a launch promotion, but is expected to become $0.99 in the future.

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Capture (Time Machine)
Capture (Time Machine)
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