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ios 7

Apple's iOS 7 is secure against hackers, but not law enforcement

Apple has made it harder for hackers to take control of your iOS devices, but ...

As launch of iOS 8 draws near, Apple says iOS 7 is now on 90 percent of devices

Apple has just released a new set of numbers for the distribution of major iOS versions.

Apple To Soon Release iOS 7.1.2 With Improvements For Email Encryption And More

Apple is set to release a small yet significant update to the current iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 7.

No Surprise: The Just Announced iOS 8 Looks Very Similar Visually To iOS 7

Apple's iOS 8 continues what was started with iOS 7.

Apple's Next-Gen OS X 10.10 Yosemite Borrows A Lot From iOS

As expected, OS X 10.10 has taken a dose of healthy inspiration from Apple's iOS.

Could OS X 10.10 Borrow Control Center And More From iOS 7?

Fresh evidence suggests OS X 10.10 could feature core elements of iOS 7.

Ahead Of Apple's WWDC, iOS 7 Closes In On 90 Percent Adoption

Ahead of next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, the adoption of iOS 7 has been determined to be approaching 90 percent.

Is An iMessage Bug Forcing Us To Stay With Apple's iPhone?

Ready to dump Apple and go with Android? That might not be a good idea.

FaceTime Suffers Outage For Countless iOS 6 Users, Apple Recommends Updating

It looks like more than a handful of iOS 6 users are struggling to access FaceTime.

Apple Says 85 Percent Of Devices Are Running iOS 7

Only 12 percent of devices are using some version of iOS 6.

Byword For iOS Gets A Useful Update Adding Keyboard Shortcuts

Byword has added support for iOS 7 keyboard shortcuts in its latest update.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 7.1 What's Cool, What's Not And Stuff To Look Forward To

You can stop asking when iOS 7.1 is coming, because it' s finally here, and we are checking out everything that's cool about it on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Cydia Tweak: Give The Photos App A New Look With DarkPhotos

This jailbreak tweak gives the photos app a beautiful new look.

This Jailbreak Tweak Will Let You Use Any Passcode To Unlock An iOS Device

Thanks to AlwaysUnlock, you'll never have to worry about remembering a passcode again.

More Confirmation That Apple's iOS 7.1 Update Will Launch In March

Apple's iOS 7.1 update is on track to launch next month.

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.5 To The Public

The new version corrects networking provisioning for some iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models sold in China.

Apple: 80 Percent Of Devices Are Running iOS 7

The number of devices running iOS 6 and earlier continue to decline.

Cydia Tweak: Do You Like This But Not That In iOS 7? Then Put HideMe7 To Use

Don't like iOS 7 as it stands? Alter it with the toggle-happy HideMe7.

Apple Is Working On A Fix For iOS 7 Crashes

The issue has been affecting iOS 7 devices since the software was released in September.

Cydia Gets Updated Substrate Safe Mode For iOS 7, ARM64-iDevices

Jailbreaking under iOS 7 is now even safer than before.

Add An iOS 7-Style Lock Screen To Your Mac Using This OS X Screensaver

Give your Mac an iOS 7 look with this new screensaver.

Review: Is Logitech's PowerShell A Decent Starting Point For iOS Gamepads?

Logitech's PowerShell is one of the first iOS game controllers. But is it any good?

Alamo Drafthouse Recruits The Original Voice Of Siri To Film An Awesome PSA

The movie theater chain really wants you to turn off the phone before watching a flick.

Cydia Tweak: BatterySafe Gets iOS 7 To Switch Off Power-Hungry Features

BatterySafe is a clever jailbreak tweak for iOS 7-powered iDevices.