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Turn Your Notes Into Works Of Art With Ink

May 12, 2013

Ink ($2.99) by Intryss is a handwriting app for your iPad that lets you record your thoughts in various different ways.

The main reason you’d want this app is because it lets you record both written and typed notes. Sometimes your thoughts can’t be expressed with words, so you could use Ink to draw them instead.

If you’ve ever used Paper or Penultimate, you’ll instantly notice the similarities. All three apps are based around handwriting and look quite similar to each other.

One of Ink’s main differences is that it lets you include typed notes as well as hand written ones. This is actually quite useful, especially because you get a good amount of control over the typed notes. You can change their colors, sizes, and fonts.

When using the writing tools, you can choose from a pen, marker, pencil, or rubber. Although I’m no artist, I get the feeling that you could create much better drawings with Paper, because more precise tools are available for it.

Some of Ink’s gesture controls are really useful. If you want to draw a triangle for example, you double-tap and hold the screen with three fingers. You can then move your fingers around to change the shape and size of the triangle.

There are also gestures that let you create squares, circles, lines, and even graphs. Some of them interfere with the default iOS gestures, so they weren’t as easy to use. Other gestures are just as impressive, but not quite as unique.

The features you get with Ink are actually great as they do allow you to easily capture your thoughts. My only concern was that the app crashed way more than it should have while I was testing it.

Although I wouldn’t say Ink was better than Penultimate or Paper, some of its features might suit people’s needs better.

If you like the idea of taking both written and typed notes in one place and you want an easy way to create shapes, Ink is certainly worth keeping in mind. My recommendation would be to wait until any stability issues are solved before considering downloading it.

You can get Ink for iPad for $2.99 in the App Store.

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