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Tiny Touchdown
Tiny Touchdown

Can You Stop The Offense With Your Defensive Skills In Tiny Touchdown?

March 25, 2014

Tiny Touchdown (Free) by Jonasson Lochner is a simple sport arcade game involving small pixelated people and the most important part of football: touchdowns.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of football. I am, however, a big fan of retro styled, arcade games that have simple gameplay mechanics, and it just so happens that Tiny Touchdown falls into the latter, even though it’s sports (not exactly my area of expertise). I was definitely drawn in to Tiny Touchdown because of the graphics, and for what it’s worth, this little game can be quite fun for everyone.

The visuals in Tiny Touchdown are what really caught my attention. As I mentioned, I love games that use vintage, 8-bit graphics, and that is just what Tiny Touchdown features. The game looks simple, but still retains a bit of charm at the same time. Animations are smooth and without lag on my iPhone 5s, so no problems on that front. The music is also quite delightful, featuring a soothing, ambient theme to it. But when you play, the music goes away so you can focus on the gameplay, which features fun little sound effects.

The gameplay is simple: block the offensive players from scoring a touchdown, while avoiding flying red water bottles. To control your defensive player, you just swipe your finger horizontally across the screen (near the bottom is best) to move left and right. To block, just make sure you’re in front of them when they approach the goal line. If you allow them through, then the game ends. When you get consecutive blocks, you will increase the score multiplier, so you earn more points for each block. And when you see the water bottles, make sure to stay out of their way, because the game ends when you get hit by these as well.

The gameplay mechanic is incredibly simple, and it starts off easy, but then things start to get more difficult. The offensive players will come in at a faster pace than before, and even several can come towards you at once, making it quite a task to keep up with them. Of course, the more blocks you make, the more points you’ll accumulate, so it’s quite a rewarding experience if you get far.

You can also earn four different medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum if you’re good enough. Tiny Touchdown also has full Game Center integration for leaderboards and challenges with friends.

While this game may not convert me into a football fan, I still found it a fun little game to pick-up-and-play when I have some time to kill. The visuals are delightful, especially appealing to retro game fans, and the music and sound effects are calming. I enjoy the simple and addictive gameplay mechanic, and the controls are actually quite responsive.

If you enjoy football, retro games, or just simple pick-up-and-play diversions, then I recommend checking out Tiny Touchdown. It’s available for free as a universal download on the App Store.

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Tiny Touchdown
Tiny Touchdown
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