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Build A Winner In Fantasy Football This Year


Summer is over and the air is getting cooler. To some that means school is in but it also means another football season is upon us. If you’re joining a fantasy football league, you’ll want to have the best tools and apps available to make you a superstar GM. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or still figuring out what a rotisserie league is, you’ll be in good hands with these apps.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2013

    by NFL Enterprises LLC

    If you're looking for stats, this app has what you need. Straight from the NFL, the cheat sheet has you covered with support for multiple leagues, breaking news, and mock drafts. A killer feature is the ability to AirPlay your draft to your AppleTV, making it easy for all your GMs to easily watch your draft as it happens. Finally, you can customize the player rankings based on how your own league scoring system.

  • Free

    ESPN Fantasy Football

    by ESPN

    When you think about football, ESPN is likely one of the first news sources you'll name. In addition to running fantasy leagues, ESPN is a wealth of news and information. This app lets you view news divided into three categories: headlines, tweets, and videos. The videos are gold because they are geared toward fantasy leagues. This app may be the edge you need to win your league this season.

  • $4.99

    RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013

    by Roto Sports, Inc.

    Rotowire has always been a trusted source for player projections, cheatsheets, and fantasy football news. With this simple, yet powerful DraftKit, you'll be able to customize the scoring system to help you pick the best players according to Rotowire's projections. This app even offers a player "watchlist" you can customize that will keep you up to date on any news for that player. Also includes Individual Defensive Players rankings if your league includes IDP's. It's a powerful tool to help you rule your draft.

  • Free


    by Evernote

    Sometimes the best way to manage your team is by clipping information yourself. Evernote does just that. You can put anything into notes including: text, images, and media files. It is instantly backed up to the cloud for access anywhere. Evernote will recognize text in images, so searching is quite powerful. Take team reports and breaking news and paste them into your notes, then tag them for quick reference. Reminders were recently added meaning you will never forget to set your lineup on game day again.

  • Free

    Team Stream

    by Bleacher Report

    When you need news faster than shown on TV, Bleacher Report comes at you with lightning speed. This app incorporates news reports with Twitter. That combination makes for a sports news powerhouse. Alerts are pushed from teams you choose to follow. Add in its slick layout and Bleacher Report is a must-download for any GM.

  • Free

    CBS Sports Fantasy - Fantasy Baseball, Football, Basketball

    by CBS Interactive

    This app from CBS Sports takes you right into all the news you'll need for your fantasy team. A simple layout and great navigation gets you player news and tons more. An entire section of the app is dedicated to fantasy advice. The pro tips are extremely helpful. News articles load in-line and there is a wealth of information. For ease of use alone, this app is a must-download.

Notable Apps

  • Free

    Yahoo Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey

    by Yahoo

    Yahoo is known as much as a hub for fantasy sports as it is for its search engine. This app gives you the power of all their tools and wraps it into a slick interface. If you need drafting practice, you can run through endless mock drafts. When you’re ready to select your league the app opens the main Yahoo website for the initial setup. This is cumbersome but once you’ve joined a league, you stay in the app. Yahoo provides transactions, league message boards, all player statuses, and every match up to week 14. This app can send push notifications for players on a bye or when injured. You can also get quick access to their Roto Arcade news blog.

  • Free Fantasy News Center

    by Roto Sports, Inc.

    Maintaining a winning team is all about keeping up with current information and news. You need to know when a player is hurt or sidelined. Rotowire's Fantasy News Center is perfect for staying up to date with all NFL player news as well as team schedules and coach interviews. This is a great free app.

  • Free


    by Venmo

    If you’re the Commissioner of your league then handling the money is equally important as your roster. Enter Venmo. This simple app and service makes person-to-person payments simple. Once you’ve signed up and linked it to your account, just send a charge request to your GMs. The amount they need to pay is already included and they only need to accept the charge for it to process. Venmo lets you add notes to transactions and this makes tracking easy. It’s also a great way to talk trash before the season has even begun.

Decent Apps

  • Free

    Sports Tap App - Game News, Live Scores, Free Alerts for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & NCAA

    by Joe Sriver

    Sports Tap isn't exclusively a Fantasy Football app, but it's one of the best sports news apps in the App Store. If you're wanting an app that will update you on your player's stats and also give you scores of all the games quickly, SportsTap is what you're looking for. All major sports are included.

  • Free

    Fantasy Football Buzzer

    by Winito

    Fantasy Football Buzzer is a news aggregator from many sources. It's a quick one-stop shop for football news, but it's basically an app wrapper for sports websites. You may find value here but there are better apps out there.

  • Free

    Fantasy Team Shuffle

    by JI Software Company

    Are you doing your draft the old way with pen and paper? You'll need some handy tools like Fantasy Team Shuffle. This app can help you determine your draft order. Just enter your team names and the email address of the owner. Hit the "shuffle" button and then email the results to your league. This is a pretty cool way to determine who gets the first pick.

Other Apps