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Quirky App Of The Day: BetterMe Can Lead To An Improved You Through Humiliation

February 17, 2013

BetterMe (Free) by Abraham Agopian is a great way to humiliate yourself into being a better person. Well, at least as far as punctuality is concerned. There are some people who are greatly motivated through threats of public embarrassment. I’m one of those people. I hate to be looked at in any sort of a poor light. Therefore, this app would work wonders for me. Heck, I don’t even want to test it because I don’t want people to see the results on Facebook.

To begin, you sign into Facebook through the app. Obviously, you have to approve of the app using your account for this to even work. Next, you set all of your alarms that you regularly use. You can also determine what days of the week these alarms occur.

Once you have your Facebook account signed into and alarms set up, you can record a message that plays when it’s time for your alarm to go off. You could hold up your iDevice to a speaker that plays your favorite song or record a message saying that if you don’t get up all of your Facebook friends will know that you have no will power.

Whenever your alarm goes off, you’ll have the choice to dismiss the alarm and do whatever you set the alert for, or you can snooze. Should you choose to snooze, that’s when the public humiliation occurs. You can see in my picture what the app will post to Facebook as a consequence.

If you have the discipline to follow your alarms honestly instead of just dismissing them and rolling over to go back to sleep, this would be a great app for you. I’m one of those people who can’t just will myself to sleep for only a few minutes before I have to get up. I need to know that there’s going to be an alarm to wake me. So, I can’t exactly just ignore the app and hope for the best. That’s what makes this app something that would work for me. I can’t ignore it, and I care about what people think about me.

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