Alarm Clock Apps For The iPad


The iPad has a great speaker and screen, which makes the iPad a perfect candidate for an alarm clock replacement. This AppGuide will showcase the very best alarm clocks apps for the iPad.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock

    by SpoonJuice

    Night Stand HD is the fullest feature alarm clock app available. The app features nine different clocks. The clocks included are simply beautiful and provide beauty as well as function to your iPad. The app includes background alarms, universal support (runs on your iPod touch/iPhone too), stopwatch capabilities, multiple alarms, iPod music library integration (wake up to your own music), weather info, world clock, snooze, and customized LCD colors. The app is just loaded with functionality and beauty. The developers did a transition from an iPad-only app many months ago, which aggravated many users. The App Store is still a work in progress and this kind of transition was, in some ways, a necessary evil. The app in its current form is the essential alarm clock app for the iPad.

Notable Apps

  • $3.99

    Alarm Clock & Weather HD - Digital Night Stand for iPad

    by Postindustria

    Lifelike Alarm Clock and Weather HD attempts to bring the old school style of analog/digital alarm clocks to your iPad. The app includes five different clock faces, a five day forecast, many built in alarm sounds, iPod library integration, snooze support, and multiple alarms. The app does run in the background. The interface is beautiful and functional. If you are looking for a real challenge to the essential app, this is it.

  • $1.99

    Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad

    by Bradley Fullmer

    Progressive Alarm Clock is an app that aims to wake you up peacefully. The app will use customizable Tibetan singing bowls to wake you up. The app will begin slowly with quiet ringing and increase in volume and speed as time goes by. The app can even use one of your photos that will fade in during your alarm. The app also includes a dream journal, which is great for capturing those dreams when you wake up. The app will run in the background too. The app has a pretty good interface, but lacks in comparison to other alarm clock apps. The other apps also display the time in a more beautiful way. The app focuses more on wake-up time and a countdown to your alarm. The app is a great alternative to the essential app.

  • Free

    Nightstand Central - A Music Alarm Clock with Sleep Timer, Weather, and Photos

    by Thomas Huntington

    Night Stand Central is a great alternative to the essential app. The app includes both time and weather info with multiple alarms. The alarms can use your own playlists and features adjustable snooze time, fade in alarm, and background alarms. The app also includes a sleep timer, flashlight, and customizable backgrounds from your photo library. The app is limited in the kinds of clocks that can be used, but the standard customizable clocks are fantastic. It's a great alternative to the essential for those in need.

Decent Apps

  • $2.99

    Clock Pro HD

    by Alarm Clock Company

    Clock Pro HD is more than a simple alarm clock app. The app includes tons of clocks such as: a digital clock, analog clock, world clock, chess clock, and project clock. The app also has some timers including: a sleep timer, cooking timer, and a count down timer/clock. The app packs in even more types of time-based information such as a metronome and nature times. The app does support background alarms. The way backgrounding works limits the alarm to 30 seconds in length when running in the background. The app is beautiful and functional. The app is perfect for the person that wants more than an alarm clock. If you are looking for a stand alone alarm clock app, then this is not the one for you.

  • $0.99

    Alarm Night Clock / Music

    by Hana Mobile

    Alarm Night Clock is an app that just isn’t up to par with other apps. The app does not take advantage of the full iPad screen and the clocks included are more basic than other apps. The app does include background alarms, iPod library integrated alarms, multiple alarms, non-stop alarms, 7 built in alarm noises, snooze support, in app brightness controls, and many more features. The app lacks in functionality and user interface, but it's still a decent one to check out.

A Great Alternative

  • Free

    pzizz sleep

    by pzizz technology limited

    Pzizz sleep is worthy of mention in this guide. The app is not optimized for the iPad, but because you are sleeping this won’t matter most of the time. The app builds unique sleep tracks each time you use it. The different unique sleep tracks can be mixed with voice/music in whatever way you want. The app also supports Aurora 3D, which creates a surround sound experience if you are using external speakers. Pzizz sleep includes an alarm that has plenty of options to wake you up. The app is very reliable and a great alternative for many needing help falling asleep and waking up.

Other Apps