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What's Pixelated - word and picture guessing puzzle game
What's Pixelated - word and picture guessing puzzle game

Quirky App Of The Day: Guess What The Picture Is In What's Pixelated

November 18, 2013

What's Pixelated - word and picture guessing puzzle game (Free) by Espace Pty Ltd is a word game that has you guess what an object is based on a pixelated picture. What kind of picture is that? It’s like the old Nintendo games with the really blocky graphics. Those blocks are from having a lower bit count, and that makes the picture less clear. However, in this game, that’s not a defect. That’s the challenge behind the app.

To play the game, you look at this extremely distorted picture, and you can choose six panels that you want to clarify. Those panels turn into the clear version of the picture, and you then try to guess what the picture is.

There’s a word bank to the right and a row of spaces to fill in on the bottom. Once you’ve figured out what the picture is, you tap on the letters in the word bank. The letters fill in the spaces at the bottom. Each letter is used only once.

As soon as you start to tap on the letters, a red X will appear by the spaces on the bottom. Don’t panic. The X will change to a green checkmark as soon as you have completely filled in the word.

If you get stumped, there are a variety of aids that you can use to help you guess. You can reduce the pixelated effect, reveal a letter, remove a letter, and reveal more panels in the picture. All of these aids cost 100 coins to use.

When you guess an image correctly, you earn 30 coins. You can save these coins to use for aids later on. There are 10 levels and each level has 20 puzzles. You definitely have plenty of puzzles to help you save up for aids later on.

However, if you get stuck and don’t have any coins, you can buy more through in-app purchases. You can buy 1,000 coins for $0.99, 2,500 for $1.99, 8,000 for $4.99, or 40,000 coins for $9.99.

Many of these picture games either zoom in closely or pan out to make it difficult to guess the object. The pixelation is a neat touch that I haven’t seen in these puzzles before. This is a great game for people who like picture or word puzzles.

What’s Pixelated is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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What's Pixelated - word and picture guessing puzzle game
What's Pixelated - word and picture guessing puzzle game
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