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Disco Zombie Fever
Disco Zombie Fever

Quirky App Of The Day: You Better 'Hustle' In Disco Zombie Fever

May 7, 2013

Disco Zombie Fever (Free) by Joanna Javes is an endless runner game with a funky beat. Grab your best leisure suit and run as far as you can in those platform shoes. You know, without breaking your neck.

The App Store information page describes the app best when it declares that disco is back from the dead. I suppose that not all things that die actually stay dead. This would include zombies. I will admit that disco and zombies are probably two of the stranger things that I’ve seen mashed together in an app.

Start your musical journey by picking which funky zombie you want to be. No, I’m not talking just about the smell of decay. These zombies are dressed up just like those dudes from the ’70s.

After you’ve selected your zombie, you begin running along your course. Avoid tombstones and random zombies popping up out of the dance floor. I will give a nod to the lighted floor tiles. That’s a nice touch.

As you run along, there are vinyl records for you to collect. For those of you who are teenagers, records are black, bloated CDs that required a needle being run along their grooves to make any music.

Here’s the funny thing about these records: You can buy more of them through in-app purchases, but I don’t know why. Honestly, I have no clue what these records are for or why there are in-app purchases for more. You don’t unlock any additional characters. There aren’t any boosts for you to purchase in a store. You can buy 2,000 for $0.99, 5,000 for $1.99, or 15,000 for $2.99, or you can save your money since there’s nothing that you can actually exchange these records for.

There are also in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock the immortal mode. Each of these purchases cost $0.99.

Apparently, disco isn’t as dead as I thought it was. It would seem that it’s as undead as a zombie in bell bottom pants. Just because things come back to life doesn’t make them a good idea. Zombies are a good example of that.

Disco Zombie Fever is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Disco Zombie Fever
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