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Foxconn Hiring Spree Could Signal Mass Production Of Apple's Next-Gen iPhone

In a new report from China Business News, it's claimed that iPhone-maker Foxconn has embarked upon a large-scale hiring spree, in a move which potentially signals that mass production of Apple's next-generation smartphone has begun. Though the report mentions the "iPhone 6" throughout, it would appear that the publication refers merely to Apple's seventh-generation iPhone handset, which many argue will rather be called the "iPhone 5S." China Business News claims that Foxconn presently has some 210,000 workers on staff, which is still far off the company's 2012 peak of 300,000 workers. As such, the report suggests that further hiring is to continue in the coming weeks as mass production of the purported iPhone handset increases. Last year, Foxconn earned itself some $100 billion in revenue, with Apple orders expected to account for 60 percent of this figure. Though a lucrative deal, recent reports have indicated that the China-based company is looking to reduce its reliance on Apple, and is seeking rather to develop new technologies of its own. From what we understand, Apple's next-generation iPhone will be a relatively minor upgrade in terms of hardware. Though a revamped built-in camera and possible enhancements to Siri are anticipated, reports have predicted that the smartphone itself will look and feel much like its predecessor, the iPhone 5. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Bored Of Microsoft's Anti-iPad Ads Yet? Here's AnotherEddy Cue Joins Tim Cook To Iron Out Content Issues At Sun Valley Conference, and Apple's iOS 7 Beta 3 Improves Compatibility Mode On Non-Retina iPads.
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