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It Looks Like An iOS 8 Jailbreak Could Be Possible

Apple's iOS 8 is now in the hands of iOS developers and hackers alike, and early reports from one influential hacker -- @i0n1c -- indicate that iOS 8 could be jailbreak-able. Though nothing absolute has been confirmed, in a handful of Twitter updates @i0n1c noted that "initial tests show that iOS 8 beta does not fix anything." He added that after "a few hours in the office" he'd likely have a jailbreak solution up and running on iOS 8 beta 1. Yet whether Cydia, the jailbreak app store created and maintained by Jay Freeman (@saurik), is compatible with iOS 8 beta 1 remains to be seen. Of course, it's unlikely @i0n1c will release a jailbreak solution for iOS 8 beta 1. Apart from the fact that he appears to develop solutions for personal use only, Apple will release countless beta updates for the prerelease mobile OS over the coming months. As such, any working jailbreak solution will only be released after iOS 8 launches for the public (in order to avoid Cupertino patching the jailbreak beforehand). Hopefully team @evad3rs will come out of the woodwork with a new release. Until then, folks looking to hold onto their jailbreak will need to avoid iOS 7.1 (and iOS 8 beta), and stick instead to a version of iOS 7.0.x. If you're looking for a reason to maintain your jailbreak, check our recent coverage of TodayLock, flipflop, Complete Me Not, and OkSiri. See also: Apple Is Still The No. 1 US Smartphone Manufacturer, But Samsung Is Gaining, Shoots & Leaves Update Brings Camera Roll Support, Evernote Hosting And More, and Apple Adds New Grayscale Mode, Zoom Accessibility Options In iOS 8.
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