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Jailbreak Dream Team Now Even Closer To Finishing iPhone 4S Jailbreak Solution

The jailbreak "dream team" currently hard at work on developing a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) has recently made significant progress. In a recent Twitter update, @planetbeing notes that the sandbox difficulties @pod2g had previously mentioned have now been conquered, meaning we're one step closer to seeing the release of the all-important jailbreak solution.

Joe White

New AppList: Apps That Show Off The iPad 2′s Speed

The iPad 2 packs in a new dual core CPU and graphics that are nine times as fast! What apps will really showcase this new speed? We have taken the time to find the apps that really push the limits of the original iPad. This AppList will showcase the apps that will really shine on the iPad 2!

Tim Chaten

iOS 4.3 Suggests iPhone 5 Will Have A5 Processor

After digging around in the recently released iOS 4.3, developers have discovered that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 may feature an A5 processor. This would make the iPhone 5 even quicker than the iPhone 4, which - let's face it - is already very fast indeed.

Joe White