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A5(X) iDevices Can Be Jailbroken 'For Life' Thanks To New iBoot Exploit

A5(X) iDevices Can Be Jailbroken 'For Life' Thanks To New iBoot Exploit

February 2, 2014

One new exploit, discovered recently by hacker @iH8sn0w, means A5- and A5X-powered iDevices can be jailbroken “for life,” regardless of their iOS iteration. Though the newly discovered iBoot exploit isn’t going to be released publicly, its careful implementation could help it power future jailbreaks. What’s more, @iH8sn0w plans to go hunting for similar exploits in Apple’s A6 and A7 processors in the near future.

The news surfaced online in a flurry of Twitter updates from @iH8sn0w. He said:

So looks like all my A5(X) devices are fully untethered and jailbroken for life now. :)

Before subsequently explaining: “No. This isn’t a bootrom exploit. Still a very powerful iBoot exploit though (when exploited properly ;P /cc @winocm).”

Of course, @iH8sn0w indicates here that the exploit could make its way into a piece of jailbreak software further down the line, and one potentially developed by iOS hacker @winocm - the jailbreaker behind the iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 jailbreak solution “p0sixspwn.”

As such, @iH8sn0w isn’t planning on releasing the exploit publicly, but he’s rather keeping it private in the hope that it’ll power a jailbreak tool for A5(X) iDevices, at least, in the near future. He’s also looking to uncover similar exploits in Apple’s A6 and A7 processors “later,” and if discovered, the long-standing game of cat and mouse would see one big point awarded to the jailbreakers.

This is great news for jailbreakers, even if they’re yet to reap the benefits, and we’ll keep you updated with further information concerning the exploit as we receive it.

In the meantime, you can jailbreak your iOS 7-powered iDevice using evasi0n7, and a growing number of jailbreak apps and tweaks have received updates for both iOS 7 and ARM64-iDevices.

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