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Today’s apps gone free: Aqueduct, Path On, Email for Business and more

Today’s AGF list includes a puzzle game, a photography app, and a business app.

Aqueduct Gets A Fishy New Update Plus A Chance To Win

Kieffer Bros. updates the original Aqueduct with a brand new fish chapter, among other goodies. Plus, we have your chance to win!

Monster Soup - More Playful, Universal Fun From Kieffer Bros.

Monster Soup is a recently released, universal application that's currently available to download for $0.99. In the app, players are presented with a fun, colorful puzzle in which they must rescue the "Soup System" from "a menacing, moon-sized maniac."

Aqueduct 101 Teaches You The Basics Of Restoring The Flow Of Water For Free

Kieffer Bros. have released a sort of pseudo-lite version of Aqueduct titled Aqueduct 101 that allows you to get the basics of this puzzling water world down for free.

Aqueduct Joins The Game Center Crowd, Plus A Few Other Extras

Kieffer Bros continues to improve its puzzle game of liquidity goodness, Aqueduct, with the addition of Game Center integration, plus a few more improvements.

Aqueduct Goes Universal, Gets New Levels And Retina Support

The Keiffer Bros. have decided to expand the possible audience for their unique puzzle game, Aqueduct, by optimizing it for the iPad via its most recent update. But that's not the only addition to the game, not even close.

Aqueduct Streams Into The App Store - Plus A Chance To Win A Copy

Kieffer Bros. have released their new water flowing puzzle game, Aqueduct, into the App Store. We are also supplying you with a chance to win a copy.

Hands-On Preview Of Aqueduct, Kieffer Bros’ Upcoming iPhone Puzzle Game

Kieffer Bros., the creators of hit titles like Abca and Orba, will soon bring you a new puzzle game that will push those neurons to the limits.