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brick breaker

Draw your own paddle for total control in Swipe Breaker

This new brick breaking game lets you use finger-drawn shapes instead of a paddle.

You need to be quick to clear out all of the Brickies in this brick breaker game from Noodlecake Studios

Can you beat the clock and break all of the bricks in this challenging new game from Noodlecake Studios and Ink Vial Games?

Sit back and relax with Anodia 2, a beautiful and stylish brick breaker game

You're always going to get a surprise with Anodia 2, a charming and relaxing brick breaker game.

Use Your iPhone’s Rotation To Master The Arcade Game In Bricks

Bricks is definitely a 360-degree take on classic brick-breaking games.

Shatter Alley Will Smash Through Your Perspective On The Brick Breaker Genre

With Shatter Alley, you'll never look at brick breaker games the same way again.

Breakfinity Turns Breaking Bricks Into An Endless Journey

This spin on the classic brick breaking games never ends.

Win Stars To Help Two Critters Break Bricks In Chickie Bear

Here's your chance to win 6,000 stars in Chickie Bear!

Blowfish Meets Meteor Is A Brick Breaker Game With A Bite

This isn't your average run-of-the-mill brick breaker game.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Win Draw Breaker And Break Some Blocky Minions

Forget everything you knew about Breakout games, because Draw Breaker is an entirely new twist on an arcade classic.

Steampunk Meets Breakout In ArkanoArena - Plus A Chance To Win A Copy!

If you're a fan of "Breakout" games and steampunk, then ArkanoArena is definitely one that you don't want to miss.

Review: Radial 50

Radial 50 is a whole new spin (sorry for the tired pun) on brick breaking. You spin the paddle 360 degrees, and attempt to hit the ball to the center, rather than clearing all the bricks. Is this renovative title worth it? Read on to find out.

Review: Brick Breaker Revolution

If you are a former Blackberry user who switched over to an iPhone but find yourself missing your Brick Breaker game, Digital Chocolate has developed Brick Breaker Revolution for the iPhone. We're here to take a look at this game and find out how does the touch interface and gameplay stack up to other forms of Brick Breaker.