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Here's Why Your iPhone 5 Isn't Going To Need A Bumper

Read on why you're not going to need a bumper for the iPhone 5.

Updated: Apple To Jazz-Up Line Of iPhone Bumpers With Red Addition

Apple launches new (PRODUCT) RED iPhone bumper.

New Verizon iPhone Bumper Is Carved To Better Fit Your Accessories

Many of our readers like to keep their iPhone 4 in an Apple Bumper case, and have been struggling to plug in third party accessories. You'll be glad to hear that Apple's new line of Bumpers (adapted for the Verizon iPhone), give a much better fit.

iPhone Bumpers Back On Apple Store Shelves Tomorrow?

Apple's Case Program ended yesterday. According to a source on the inside, Apple Stores will resume selling iPhone Bumpers today. And, what's more, potential customers will be able to choose from a full range of different colored Bumpers.

Appisode 166: Robin Gets a Pink Bumper, Viewers are Pissed Over Proximity Sensor, Plus a Sneak Peak

Robin got a pink bumper! She'll answer viewer questions regarding the proxomity sensor and has a hot preview of an upcoming app, Monster Dash. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Appisode 161: Makers Of Red Laser Release New App And Robin Gets Her Bumper

The guys over at Occipital have just released a new app called 360 Panorama. It's a new take on an old idea. Watch the show to see how they do it different. Plus Robin got her bumper. We have lots of pics! We have all this on today's special Friday edition of AppAdvice Daily.

Apple Launches The iPhone 4 Free Case Program, As An App

Almost as if it was to change the conversation, Apple has, as announced, just launched its iPhone 4 Case program. Surprisingly, it comes as an app.

Apple Now Refunding Bumpers Purchased Online

If you purchased your Bumper from, you'll be glad (or disappointed) to find that Apple has now begun automatically issuing refunds. Indeed, an increasing number of users are reporting they have received the above email from Apple today.

Apple Pulls The Bumpers

If you were looking to get a bumper for your iPhone 4 online in the next few days, you're out of luck as Apple has just got around to pull these from its online store.

Humor: Coming Up - Bumpergate

In the middle of Antennagate, it seems Apple might have yet another problem to worry about. Indeed, the design of the iPhone 4 bumper case, widely believed to be the answer to the current reception and PR problems, is flawed as well.

Video: iPhone 4 Bumper Crash Test

To promote themselves a bit this week, iFixYouri has decided to sacrifice an iPhone 4. Protected by a bumper, they proceeded to drop an iPhone 4 (from an average standing height) onto some hard ground.

Appisode 142: iPhone 4 Hits Apple Stores, Cool Apps And Awesome Accessories

The iPhone 4 hits Apple stores across the globe today. We have what you need to know, what you need to watch out for and some great accessories to keep it protected. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Availability Is Also Quickly Slipping Back

Apple has again seemed to heavily misjudge product demand. They have delayed the availability of nearly all of their nifty Bumper iPhone 4 cases.

WWDC 2010: New iPhone 4 Case From Apple, Called the Bumper

Apple has their own iPhone 4 case for $29, but comes with a rather interesting design.