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ipad mini event

Ultra Thin iMacs Go On Sale Friday, Nov. 30

New iMacs go on sale later this week.

Which iPad Is Right For You?

Which iPad is right for you? Take a look.

Recent iPad Buyers Might Try Calling Up The Nearest Apple Store

At least one Apple Store will exchange a third-generation iPad purchased in the last 30 days for a fourth-generation model.

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The iPad mini

We sent our own Tyler Tschida to Apple’s special event and he sent us pictures of him playing with all the new gadgets. Thanks for rubbing it in our face, Tyler.

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The New iMac

Get a hands-on look at Apple's new iMac.

Apple Posts On-Demand iPad Mini Event Video

Just minutes after Apple's event wrapped up in San Jose, Calif., the company has posted the complete on-demand video to its website.

Apple Announces Fourth Generation iPad

Holy cow, there's a new iPad!

New iPad Mini Has LTE Connectivity Just Like Its Big Brother

While the iPad mini may be smaller, it won't be lacking for connectivity options.

Here's How Much The iPad Mini Will Be And When You Can Get One

Apple has just announced the iPad mini, and we have the details on how much it will cost and when you can get one in your hands.

Apple Unveils The First iPad Mini Accessory, A Smart Cover

The first accessory for the iPad mini shouldn't be a big surprise.

The iPad Mini Will Have Dual-Core A5 Chip

Apple's new iPad mini will sport a dual-core A5 chip, as announced this morning.

Apple Unveils The iPad Mini!

After months of rumors, Apple has finally unveiled a smaller iPad. The iPad Mini launched moments ago at the company’s special event in San Jose, Calif.

Thin Is In For The Updated iMac

Apple's iMac has just received a substantial upgrade in a much smaller package.

Rumor: It Will Be Called The 'iPad Mini,' Include Smart Covers

The iPad Mini could actually be called ... the iPad Mini

With One Day To Go, Our ‘iPad Mini’ Event Roundup

Here is the latest news on what to expect at Apple's "iPad Mini" event.

Site Of Apple's 'iPad Mini' Event Decked Out With New Signage, Hip Posters

Apple’s second special event in as many months is just a day away. As such, the California Theatre in San Jose, Calif. is getting a decidedly groovy makeover.

The ‘iPad Mini’ Event Could Also Launch 13-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display And More

Apple's likely October event won't just feature an "iPad Mini." Here is what could also be announced this month.

The iPad Mini And Its Likely Competitors: Prices And Specs That May Work

AppAdvice takes a look at the long-rumored iPad Mini and how it might compares to other compact tablets on the market.

Color Me Crazy, But Maybe Apple Should Launch Multiple iPad Minis

The iPad Mini should come in multiple colors.

Getting Your Hands On An iPad Mini Might Prove Difficult

Do you want an iPad Mini on the first day? Get ready to stand in a long line if a new report is to be believed.

WSJ: New iPad Mini In Production Without A Retina Display, But For Good Reason

The stars seem to be aligning for the arrival of the long-rumored iPad Mini. Here is the latest.