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Can you find your way out of the asteroid maze in Captain Cowboy?

Don't let greed get the best of you as you try and find your way out of a labyrinth in Captain Cowboy.

Help An Innocent Millipede Pursue A Career In Aviation In Millie

It's always been Millie's dream to attend the local Aviation School. Can you help her get there?

Dotard's Escape Is A Prison Break Unlike Any Other

With randomized, trap filled mazes, this game will challenge even the best of gamers.

Maze+ Twists And Winds Its Way Into The App Store

Get online and competitive with Maze+'s puzzling action, and earn yourself some clothes, cash, and pride.

Race Others From Around The World To The Finish Line With Maze+

Just released by Secret Headquarters, Inc is Maze+, one of the first 3D multiplayer maze games for the iPhone and iPad. Race through several different mazes and earn gems so you can move up and receive special items in the game.

Navigate Your Way Through Mazes And Beat The Clock With Revolve Ball

Revolve Ball brings mazes on the iPad and iPhone to a whole new level. For $.99 you’re sure to get a kick out of all 40 levels. Whether you’re racing to get your best time or battling gravity be sure to read ahead and find out more.

Gears Is A Graphic Adventure That Is Worth Checking Out

This game creates an amazing challenge as you navigate a maze through different platforms and gears. This unique app is enjoyable and brings a refreshing option to the iPhone and iPad.

1001 Crystal Mazes To Challenge Your Brain

Your brain will not lack for challenges with this great puzzle game.

Brutal Labyrinth: Where Fire Is Your Friend

Brutal Labyrinth is similar to other accelerometer controlled maze games, and adds a spark or two along the way. But is there enough to differentiate it from other labyrinth games?

Getting Through A Maze With Your iPhone

Getting through a maze isn't what it used to be. Thanks to the iPhone, some have found an easier way to the maze's exit. Read more...

Your Kids Can Find Bigfoot And Play With Him Too

If you have kids, you're familiar with Fisher-Price. Now, one of the largest makers of toys is bringing children's entertainment to the iPhone with Bigfoot the Monster for iPhone.