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New Applist: Apps For Making A Movie

If you own an iDevice, then you have more tools to make a movie than Spielberg, Kubrick, Coppola and Scorsese had when they first started making movies. Show Hollywood what you're made of with these apps to help you craft your cinematic masterpiece.

AppList Updated: Apps For Videographers

Both the iPhone and the latest iPod touch have great little video cameras on board. There are many apps out there to enhance the iDevice videography experience. Edit video right on your iDevice with professional looking results. Get creative with special effects, vintage video or stop motion video. You can even pull still photos from video you have shot. Read on for some of the best and most interesting ones we have found.

Karen Freeman

Going out tonight? Grab your iPhone and download these apps and you're in good shape. Whether you're looking for something to do, or simply want to find out the place to do it, there's an app for that.

Karen Freeman

If you're a fan of the popular board game series, you're going to want to check out this AppList of all the Scene It? apps for iOS. We've updated this AppList to reflect the replacement of Scene It? Movies with its sequel app.

Karen Freeman

While the iPad is a great device for playing media, it has the limitation of only playing a few supported file formats. The apps in this AppGuide will allow you to play nearly any video on the iPad without converting it first.

Greg Sapienza