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Hasbro and Backflip Studios offer a new play on words with Scrabble Pics

What do you get if you combine Scrabble and Pictionary, both of which happen to be published by Hasbro?

AppAdvice Daily: Kill Peons And Create Life With The Best New Games Of The Week

Do you have what it takes to make it through an industrial wasteland?

Scrabble For iOS Updated With New Languages And Features

Scrabble has received a new update for iOS.

WORDPLAY Is For Serious Word Gamers

Compete against your friends in this twisted word game that uses gravity.

Latest Update To EA's Scrabble Is A Chaotic Jumble

Judging from its changelog, the latest Scrabble update brings changes that are quite exciting for fans of the game. But the update actually brings undocumented changes that are, to say the least, unwelcome.

AppAdvice Daily: Games For Planes, Trains And Automobiles That You Can Share

Sharing is caring, so pass and play with today's apps to share the fun.

Scribabble Encourages Childhood Education With Scrabble-Based Learning

Scribabble encourages early childhood development using Scrabble, two empty spaces, and an endless number of three-letter combinations.

Swamp Talk Makes For Finger-Flicking Fun On The iPhone And iPad

Swamp Talk adds a unique twist to word gaming for the iPhone and iPad. The app is free for a limited time only, making it a must-have for the "Scrabble" fanatic in you.

Jangle Makes Anagrams Social

If you like doing anagrams in newspapers, or you like Words With Friends, then be sure to check out Jangle. It’s a fast, fun, and social word game for all ages. Best of all, its free!

New AppList: Apps For Scrabble Fans

Scrabble fans have plenty to get excited about on iOS. There are apps for every kind of Scrabble fan. We gather up the best Scrabble game apps, word checkers, dictionaries, scorecards, and more in this AppList for Scrabble fans.

New AppGuide: iPad App Store Gaming Classics

When the iPad App Store launched late in March 2010, users were welcomed to around 1,000 apps. By the end of April, that number compounded to over 5,000 apps. Just like the iPhone launch, games were a huge part of the iPad’s launch. We take a trip back to 2010 and see which ones have actually improved and become App Store classics in this AppGuide.

Review: Word Solitaire: Aurora - Scrabble Plus Solitaire?

Word Solitaire: Aurora is a sequel to the orignal word solitaire giving you more word puzzles. The game combines the popular mechanics of Scrabble and Solitaire to give you a whole new word game. Read on to find out all about it.

QuickAdvice: SpellStacker Puts A Fun Twist On Scrabble Type Games

SpellStacker is the latest must-have crossword game. Game play is much like the popular apps Words With Friends or Scrabble, but this one has a cool twist. Place your tiles on top of other tiles for new words and bonus points! SpellStacker is also related to the board game UpWords. This universal app (play on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad) is free and fun.

Cheat At Scrabble Or Words With Friends With Word Helper (Universal)

Don't know what to do with your crappy set of Scrabble or Words with Friends letters? Get the upper hand and form the best possible word with Word Helper.

Review: Scrabble for iPad

EA has created a special iPad version of Scrabble that is selling very well. Is it worth $9.99? Click through to find out.

Words With Friends HD On Sale For The Same Price As The iPhone Version

Words With Friends HD has been marked down from $4.99 to only $1.99 for a limited time. Get it while it's cheap even if you don't have an iPad yet.

Review: Words With Friends - Plus Words With Friends HD, iPad App Details

Like word games? Love beating strangers at games? How about playing 20 games at the same time? Words With Friends is definitely for you. Word of warning; it's addictive.

Review: Boggle

Get those literary juices flowing because Boggle has hit the app store. Shake, tap, and drag your way through word craziness as you race the clock forming as many words as possible. Find out more here...

Hidden Gem iPhone Apps - Week One

An under-appreciated tower defense game, an app to automatically create panoramic pictures, change your voice to sound like a Cylon and more in this week's hidden gems.