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space shooter

It’s Time to Wreak Havoc on Space Bugs as The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher, a popular hit on Steam, is now available on iOS and well worth the money.

Defend Earth from invading aliens in radial shooter @mos

In @mos, players get classic gameplay with a twist.

Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful space opera with explosive combat

Stellar Wanderer is sure to appease space combat RPG fans.

Trigonarium is an explosive new challenge for fans of dual-stick shooter arcade games

Craving some dual-stick shooter action? This challenging new title will have you covered.

Are you skilled enough to fend off hordes of invading aliens? Find out in Orbital Wars

Orbital Wars is Space Invaders redux for the modern age.

Lay waste to invading aliens in the explosive action of Super Crossfighter

In the mood for a classic arcade shooter with a new twist? Then you need to check out Super Crossfighter.

Unleash your destructive side in Space Colors, a challenging roguelike space shooter

Strategically blow things up and lay waste to your foes in this beautiful and challenging new shooter.

The Upcoming Space Colors For iOS Looks Like It'll Be A Blast

Space Colors is an upcoming, fast-paced sci-fi shooter that looks to be out of this world.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Expansion "Valkyrie" Now Available

Galaxy on Fire 2 expansion released as an in-app purchase as an in-app purchase of $4.99. The game offers gameplay improvements and additional storyline elements.

Capcom Unleashes Who's That Flying On The App Store

New space shooter hit the App Store called Who's That Flying. The game is also a Universal App and should cost $1.99 in the U.S. App Store.

Review: Super Blast - Casual Endless Arcade Shooter

The arcade shooter has received the casual endless treatment meaning it's now for pick up and play and not only hardcore gamers anymore. Read on to find out all about Super Blast.

Review: AbstractWar 2.0 - Plus We're Giving Away Copies!

AbstractWar 2.0 is a space shooter with four different control modes including dual stick. It has a geometry wars type theme, with tons of particle effects and eye candy. Should you buy this game? Read on to find out. Plus we're giving away 10 copies.

Review: Radio Flare Redux - Plus Win a Copy!

Radio Flare Redux is a brand new game that appeals to your sense of sight, hearing, and touch. It's a side scrolling space shooter at the most basic level, but it's so much more as you blast enemies to the beats. Find out if it's worth $2.99. Plus there's a chance to win a promo code.

Review: Critical Wave - New Dual Stick Shooting Sensation?

Critical Wave is a brand new dual stick space shooter that has just hit the App Store. It's similar to Meteor Blitz, but infused with a geometry wars theme. Is it worth $2.99? Read all about it.