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trivia game

Embark on a trivia Scholar Quest with the help of Da Vinci

If you have a thirst for knowledge, this new trivia challenge will help you quench it with a unique adventure theme.

Get busy and Bquizzy in this new multiplayer trivia game

Test your knowledge and take on your friends in this new trivia challenge.

Become the master of your territory in Trivia Crack Kingdoms

This sequel to Trivia Crack brings fun surprises, specific topics, and lets you create questions.

Create your own unique topics with the new QuizUp

You now have a chance to create fun topics and questions for this trivia game.

Rustle up some puzzle fun with Texas Word’Em

See if you can hold your own in this word and trivia combo game.

Trivia Crack plus iHeartRadio equals excitement on the way

A new music-themed trivia game is headed our way this year.

The popular trivia game QuizUp gets a redesign and new features

Challenge your friends and make new ones as you show off your trivia knowledge.

Win a copy of Trivia Crack and test your knowledge of all things

Here's your chance to win Trivia Crack!

Put Your Trivia Knowledge To Use Against Others In The Addictive QuizUp

Do you know as much as you think you know about your favorite television series, movie, book, or whatever else is on your mind? Find out with QuizUp.

Find Out How Good You Are At Sorting Out The Facts In Sortle

Sortle is a turn-based online puzzle game where you get to show off your sorting skills.

Today's Best Apps: Ghostbusters, Sunny Drops, Totem Dash And More

Discover the most useful and entertaining iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

Trivial Provides The Perfect Blend Of Competition And Social Interaction

Game show-style questions, fun power-ups, and asynchronous online competition make this game a blast to play.

Coming Soon For iPad, TriviaPad Is 'Multiplayer Trivia That Rocks'

SixClicks has announced a brand new game that will soon be coming to the App Store. TriviaPad for iPad is a multiplayer trivia game with chatting and other social aspects.

Stupidness Pro 2 Challenges Your Logic Skills

Stupidness Pro 2 would be a great game to pull out at your next party. No matter how old you are, you will find the questions silly, challenging, and somewhat mystifying.

It's... Monty Python's Trivial Quizzical Quesssst!

This new collection of Monty Python trivia is sure to make you laugh and bash bricks against your head.

Are You A Know-It-All? Try Ellen's Know Or Go

Ellen's Know or Go is a trivia game that has been adapted from a segment on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Does it translate well to the iPad?

You Mean You Don't Know Jack HD?

The hit trivia-meets-quiz show game, You Don't Know Jack has just arrived on iOS. It's bound to be a hit with fans, but what if you don't know Jack. Is this the trivia game for you?