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Siri Can Now Launch OS X Applications As Well - Thanks To iTeleport

One of the top-selling VNC clients for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad has recently received a significant update. iTeleport 5.2 allows users to control their Mac using simple voice commands, according to news first published by MacStories.

How To Securely Remote Control Your Mac From Your iPad (Part Two)

Have an iPad? Have a Mac desktop or laptop? Want to connect to the mothership without the fear of spies seeing everything you're doing? Then this article is for you!

LogMeIn Ignition Updated: Adds A Few New Features

Earlier today, we told you Screens had received a handy update. Now, another popular VNC client, LogMeIn Ignition, has been updated and a few new features have been added.

Screens VNC Client Gets Updated, Adds Support For OS X Lion & Other Improvements

The popular VNC client for iOS, Screens, has recently received an update. Now, the application supports Apple's upcoming OS X Lion, and various performance improvements have also been made in the update.

How To Remotely Control Your Mac From Your iPad

Learn the basics of setting up your computer to accept connections from a VNC client so you can access it from the comfort of your couch, or the other side of the world, using your iPad!

New AppGuide: Best Remote Desktop Apps for iPhone

Here is guide to the best iPhone apps for Remote Desktop. Control your computer from your iPhone with these great apps!

An Old Favorite: iTeleport; VNC Done Right

iTeleport has been a long time favorite app for accessing desktop computers from the iPad...

Review: Jaadu VNC

Are you always forgetting your computer files at home? Have you ever wished you could carry your computer in your pocket everywhere you go? Than Jaadu VNC is the perfect application for you! Could this be the application of your dreams? Or is it less than it is hyped up to be? Let's find out!

Review: LogMeIn Ignition

Let LogMeIn Ignition by LogMeIn Inc. save your bacon. Remote control your computers on the go with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use LogMeIn Ignition to retrieve files, run processes, print, and access programs without being changed to your desk.