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wombi apps

Wombi Tower Is A Great Bulding Game For Young Children

The cute graphics and simple gameplay in Wombi Tower make it a great game for kids. Your kids will also be able to learn some physics along the way.

Three Fun Learning Monsters Invade The App Store

Your kids should definitely have fun feeding these hungry monsters while at the same time learning letters, numbers, and shapes.

Your Kids Will Want A Scoop Of Wombi Ice Cream

Wombi Ice Cream will let kids take control of their own virtual ice cream truck.

Give Kids The Early Gift Of Wombi Christmas Toys

Wombi, creator of edutainment apps such as Wombi Detective, is giving out a small gift, Wombi Christmas Toys, to tide kids over as they count down the days until Christmas.

Wombi Detective Turns Film Noir Into Child’s Play

I was sitting in my office one foggy night, when I got a ring on the phone. A client had called saying that there was a theft.