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Parrot Announces AR.Race For AR.Drone, Coming In June

Parrot Announces AR.Race For AR.Drone, Coming In June

May 17, 2011
The AR.Drone games slowly continue to make their way into the App Store. Parrot's upcoming AR.Race offers solo or multiplayer action in a handful of differing difficulty levels. AR.Race isn't quite real life podracing but will have you banking tight corners and zipping through donuts on your way to the finish line. Unlike the previous releases, AR.Pursuit and AR.FlyingAce, AR.Race is finally a game that won't require players to hunt down someone else who owns an AR.Drone to actually play it, even though it won't be quite as exciting. Accompanying the free app release will be two new accessories. The upcoming inflatable dual pylons set and elevated donut provide safe obstacles for your custom courses that contain specific AR.Drone software markers. Parrot highly recommends these accessories, however, the company claims that the items are not required for the app to function. • Rookies Race is a straight sprint with no obstacles in the flight path. • Champions Race involves the inflatable pylons and finishing line • Masters Race forces pilots to fly through the elevated donut, requiring some talented maneuvering. • Elite Race uses all three accessories to create a fully challenging course. • Heroes Race also uses all three accessories by forces pilots to pass through the donut twice Everything except Rookies Race allows racers to choose one to three laps per race. The AR.Drone's vertical camera is what detects the finishing fine and a marker on the donut. Parrot mentions that racers can add other 'natural' obstacles, like trees and poles, though the exact process and characteristics of course design are not available yet. Keep an eye on AppAdvice for further details. AR.Race is scheduled to be available as a free download in the App Store June 7th. The donut accessory will be priced at $49.99, whereas the pack of two pylons and one finishing line will cost $59.99.

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