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Thanksgiving AppList and AppGuide Roundup

Thanksgiving AppList and AppGuide Roundup

November 23, 2011
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with these apps, you can have your best holiday yet! Last week, we revamped this AppList, for helping you prepare your holiday feast:

Apps To Help You Plan Your Thanksgiving

But, in case that’s not enough, we also have a number of cooking and recipe AppLists and AppGuides that will increase your recipe repertoire and further your cooking and baking skills:

Holiday Baking Apps

Apps for Cooking and Dining In

Best Cooking and Recipe Apps

iPad Apps for Cooks

Cookie Recipe Apps

Apps For Dessert Lovers

And let’s not forget shopping for your feast:

Grocery List Helpers

And speaking of shopping, what comes right after Thanksgiving? Black Friday, of course! Check out our favorite apps to help you find the post-Thanksgiving bargains.

Black Friday Apps

Find the Best Deals

From all of us at AppAdvice: have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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