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Find The Best Deals

No matter your financial situation, it’s always good to save money. The iPhone is a great tool in a savvy shopper's arsenal, because it lets you find deals and buy products from anywhere. There are plenty of apps that offer great deals, but the trick is to find the apps that offer the best deals for products you need when you need them. From discounted gift certificates to comparison shopping to coupons and bargains apps, there is an app to help you save money no matter what you want to buy.

dealnews App

by, Inc.

The DealNews app takes the pain out of finding the great deals you know are online. The app version of the popular website aggregates deals of all types, both online and off. Even if you frequent the DealNews website, the app offers great extras such as notifications, saved deals, and the ability to create a deal alert. Basically, if you shop online, you should check DealNews regularly for offers and discounts.

iSlick - Deals, Freebies, Sales - best online shopping FREE

by Lanuta

Sometimes it can take a community to find the best deals, which is where iSlick comes in. The app offers a convenient, well-organized portal into the popular SlickDeals forums. It supports notifications, adding coupons to Passbook, “watching” items for future deals, and favoriting deals for later.

wootstar - woot deals and daily bargains

by Scott Penrose

Another way to score deep discounts is with WootStar, an unofficial app for the popular family of sites. Each day, WootStar shows the deals available on each of Woot’s sub-sites. You might get really lucky and find an item you wanted at a fraction of the price you expected to pay. From brand new to factory refurbished, it’s almost impossible to find a product offered for less than it is on Woot!

Deal Drop - Daily Deals

by Linden Indian

If you need more daily deals in your life, you will love Deal Drop. The free app aggregates daily deals from multiple sites, including Woot, Tanga, 1SaleADay, Monoprice, and eBay. Deal Drop even allows you to customize which deals the app shows and offers. It also supports push notifications by individual site, for all sites, or for no sites.

RetailMeNot Coupons

by RetailMeNot

Whether you've found a deal or not, before buying anything online it's always good practice to consult RetailMeNot to see if the store has an active coupon. The app version of this popular website adds some useful functionality for remembering, finding, and using deals. You can save coupons to your profile, get coupons for local shops, and even set notifications. In many ways, the app is easier to use than the website, as it organizes coupons by store or category, and adds the ability to browse or search.

SnipSnap Coupon App

by SnipSnap

If your problem isn't finding coupons but remembering to use them, you need SnipSnap. The app is best described as a crowd-sourced deal aggregator and barcode scanner. SnipSnap scans the barcodes on any physical coupon you may have and then recognizes and stores its information for later use. You therefore never have to worry that you will lose or accidentally throw out your paper coupon. The crowd sourcing aspect is that users can share their scanned coupons with the SnipSnap community so that anybody can use them. SnipSnap's most useful feature is arguably its ability to notify you a predetermined time before a coupon that you’ve saved will expire.

The Best Deal - Compare Products & Save Money!

by Rantek Inc.

When you buy in bulk, comparison shopping is inevitable— and often confusing. The Best Deal answers the age-old question of which deal is better, without making you do any math! Enter the price, quantity, and size of up to three items, press the button, and voila: the app highlights which deal saves the most money. It's simple, effective, and helpful.

Slice - Save Money & Track Your Packages

by Slice

Online shopping is very convenient, but it can also be frustrating when you’re waiting for a package or need to return something. Luckily, Slice goes a long way towards making those problems history. Once you link your primary email address (using O-Auth for security), Slice collects all of your past and future purchases automatically and provides helpful tools and information. Slice employs push notifications and email to notify you when a package has been shipped or delivered, and even if your purchase drops in price after you bought it. You can also use the app to track your packages yourself and view return policies.

GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices

by GasBuddy Organization Inc

Of course, you can't do all your shopping online. Before you head out to shop, it’s a good idea to gas up. If you want the best prices, bring along GasBuddy. Get the most bang for your buck, and browse service stations by distance or by price.


by Groupon, Inc.

One of the most popular trends these days is local deal services, of which the best-known is Groupon. If you’re not familiar with these services, the basic idea is that they offer gift certificates for local businesses at a deep discount, often half-off or more. Different deals are offered each day, so it pays to keep checking the app!

Yipit Deals - Daily Deals, Sales and Coupons

by Yipit, Inc.

If you need to know every time-limited deal available in your area, YipIt Deals will save you from Inbox overload. YipIt requires users to create an account and enter some basic information such as location and favorite categories so that the app can give you the best deals possible. You can look at all available deals or view deals on a map, so it’s always easy to save.

Google Shopper

by Google, Inc.

Google Shopper helps you save money and iPhone storage space—it is essentially two apps in one. Its primary function is comparison shopping for the best deal on a given product. The app also includes information on local deals from the Google Offers app, thus saving you the need to check both. Since Groupon and Google Shopper usually offer different deals, it’s worth having both apps in your shopping folder.

Coupons and Shopping - GeoQpons

by XYMOB Inc.

Online deals and cheap gift certificates are great, but sometimes you need plain old coupons. Before you head out to the store—or even while you’re in it—check the GeoQpons app. You’ll find discounts at many of the stores, restaurants, and businesses you regularly visit, and all you need to do is show the cashier the coupon on your iPhone.

Armadealo Shopping

by Armadealo LLC

If you like to shop in the mall, you’ll want Armadealo. The app specializes in discounts and coupons for merchants in your local mall.

Key Ring Reward Cards

by Mobestream Media

Speaking of your favorite stores and retailers, once you get Key Ring Rewards you can stop carrying their loyalty and membership cards. Just scan them into Key Ring Rewards and keep your purse or wallet nice and tidy. Key Ring also lets you add digital loyalty cards and finds offers and deals at your favorite stores.

Stampt - Loyalty Cards

by Stampt, Inc.

You can finally get some use out of those hole-punched or stamped-style loyalty cards with Stampt! The app integrates with local businesses to bring loyalty cards to the digital age, but it's not available everywhere yet. If any businesses in your area have signed up, you should take a look.

Shopping by The Find


Even if you’ve checked for coupons and deals in every other app, when you’re in the store you will want to use Shopping by The Find to be absolutely sure you’re not overpaying. Scan an item's barcode and The Find will tell you what it costs elsewhere, both locally and online. Not only that, but the app will show you any applicable coupons. Comparison shopping has never been so easy!