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Another iPhone 4 Handset Catches Fire, This Time One Foot Away From Owner's Face

Another iPhone 4 Handset Catches Fire, This Time One Foot Away From Owner's Face

December 1, 2011
A couple of days ago, we told you how an iPhone 4 handset "self-combusted" on an Australian flight. Now, an Apple fan in Brazil has endured a similar experience, with his iPhone emitting a large amount of smoke and catching on fire. Before anyone says "firegate," let's take a look at what happened in Brazil. In a report published by Redmond Pie, the website claims that:
The iPhone in question was on charge just a foot from its owner’s face when it apparently began to smoulder, a sure sign that something isn’t right if you ask us!
Indeed - and this story, as mentioned, is highly compatible with the events that happened last week on the Australian Regional Express ZL319 flight. However, neither events are isolated. Earlier this year, we heard about an Apple fan who had his hand badly burned by an exploding iPhone 4. Before that happened, over a year ago now, another iPhone 4 handset got smokin' hot in a bad way. Though these events are rather spaced out (save for the two most recent incidents), perhaps what has me most worried is how close the Brazilian Apple fan was to his burning iPhone - just one foot, which is certainly close enough to do some serious damage. Apple hasn't commented on either events in Australia or Brazil, and we're not expecting the company to (unless countless more iPhones start exploding). Let us know in the comments if you've endured a similar experience, and we'll let you know if we hear any more reports of smoking, melting iPhone 4 handsets.