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Another iPad 3 Rumor Roundup With Leaked Photos

Another iPad 3 Rumor Roundup With Leaked Photos

February 21, 2012

More iPad 3 rumors? Yes. But at least we have pictures!

Today, M.I.C. Gadget posted some photos in their own iPad 3 rumor roundup post, showcasing what is supposed to be the iPad 2 and iPad 3 side by side.

As you can see from both photos, it seems the iPad 3 is a tiny bit thicker, and has even more tapered edges on its shell — giving it a thinner feel. Also, the camera is bigger; though, this doesn’t tell us exactly how many megapixels it will be rocking, it does tell us it will be an improvement.

With the next generation iPad said to be announced March 7, the rumor mill is definitely in overdrive. As always, we never know what we can truly expect until the actual event takes place.

But, despite what we’re hoping for, it seems we can expect the new iPad to have a better resolution, better camera and tapered shell, and an A5X processor. But I’m still crossing my fingers for an A6.

In spite of these recently “leaked photos,” I hope that’s really not the iPad 3. The device looks too bulky and awkward. I am not a fan of those ridiculously tapered edges, are you?

Do you think these images are legit, or can we sleep soundly with dreams of a less ugly iPad in our heads?

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