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OMGPOP Paints A Drawsome Picture Of Upcoming Draw Something Update

OMGPOP Paints A Drawsome Picture Of Upcoming Draw Something Update

March 25, 2012
Shortly after being purchased by social gaming giant Zynga, OMGPOP is letting people know that it's going nowhere but forward with its mega-popular virtual word guessing game, Draw Something. "When we aren't busy drawing new 'Hunger Games' words or new words like Kung Fu or Green Day here at Draw Something HQ, we have been cranking out new features," said the OMGPOP team. Among the features in the planned Draw Something update is the ability to share drawings on Twitter or Facebook directly from the app. This effectively bypasses the need to take a screenshot of a drawing before manually uploading it on either of those two leading social media sites. Naturally, the standalone ability to take a screenshot is also in the pipeline. I'm particularly looking forward to this pair of new features. You have no idea how many opportunities for sharing funny drawings I've missed while playing Draw Something. Case in point: Just this morning, I didn't get to save and share Karen's hilarious representation of Angelina Jolie, complete with her overexposed leg at the Oscars, of course. Refreshing the status of active games using the now standard pull-to-refresh method will also become available through the upcoming update. I hope that, along with this new refresh routine, the refresh performance of the app will also improve, eliminating the need to occasionally restart the app itself just to bring active games up to the minute. Another interface tweak to be expected is the addition of an undo button for the last brush stroke, meaning fewer awkward erasures. The update is also set to increase the maximum winning streak from just 99, which is measly and too easy for most power players, to a more covetable 999. And following the recent inclusion of seven words referencing "The Hunger Games," the update will bring a number of additional words as well. Of course, crash and bug fixes are on the way, too. Even as these improvements are being developed, Draw Something will remain available as an ad-free $0.99 premium app or an add-supported lite app in the App Store. Although a much-desired in-game cheat chat capability is not likely to be delivered by the next update, OMGPOP assures you, me and the millions of other Draw Something players that it's coming soon, along with more nifty enhancements. Any idea or suggestion as to what those enhancements might or should be?

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