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Some Users Having Wi-Fi Issues With The New iPad

Some Users Having Wi-Fi Issues With The New iPad

March 21, 2012
While the new iPad may be literally and figuratively hotter than its predecessor, some users are being plagued with chilly Wi-Fi reception. Both MacRumors and AppleInsider have pointed out a 112-reply thread on Apple’s Support Forums where users are discussing issues with Wi-Fi connections while using the new iPad. One post from “RG24” is fairly typical in the thread:

“My first day traveling with my 32GB iPad 3 Wifi model. My MacBook Air shows 5 signals, including the one I am on. the iPad shows 1 weak signal, a bar shorter than the same network as it shows on my Air. When I put in the other network by name, it says it can't find it. Reboot didn't cure it. Basically, I can't use my iPad on Wifi and actually had to set up my laptop to tether to my iPad! Crazy!”

Another user, “Andrew Mclaughlin2,” claimed that compared with the original iPad and a laptop, the new iPad only had half the throughput on the app. Some are reporting that the issues have been resolved after talking to AppleCare. Others said they switched out the problem unit for a working iPad at an Apple Store. This isn’t the first time that iPads and Wi-Fi haven’t worked well together. In 2010, Apple acknowledged that some original iPads had Wi-Fi issues that were eventually fixed with a software update. Do you have you had any Wi-Fi issues with the new iPad’s Wi-Fi compared to other Apple or wireless devices? My 16GB Verizon LTE model hasn’t had any Wi-Fi issues. If anything, I’m getting a stronger signal than with my original iPad.

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