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Apple Supplier Qualcomm Having Problems Meeting Demand For LTE Chip

Apple Supplier Qualcomm Having Problems Meeting Demand For LTE Chip

April 19, 2012
While recent rumors have regarded what the new iPhone might look like on the outside, there might be trouble brewing for what's inside Apple's next  iOS product. According to a Reuters report cited by 9to5Mac, Apple LTE chip supplier Qualcomm is having problems meeting demand for its high-speed networking chips. Qualcomm's CEO Chief Financial Officer Bill Keitel said the supply problems will drive up the company's expenses.
"Demand went so far ahead of availability that we've decided to start spending more money to get more supply as soon as possible," he told Reuters. "Any time we can't make a customer totally happy I'm going to worry. You don't want to give a customer a reason to go elsewhere."
Recent rumors have penciled in a possible June release for the next iPhone. But as 9to5Mac rightly questions, that's probably not in the cards, especially with the information from Qualcomm. That on top of the fact that there has been no official word announcing WWDC or when tickets will be put on sale. The new iPad was Apple's first product to contain LTE networking, which is significantly faster than 3G. The new iPhone is expected to feature the standard as well. Are you ready for a new, LTE-enabled iPhone? It looks like investors are clamoring for the new model.

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