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Sparrow Receives Update For New Navigation Gesture And More

Sparrow Receives Update For New Navigation Gesture And More

May 30, 2012
Sparrow, the email client for iPhone that is so well-designed as to rival the Mail app itself, has once again been updated today. But don't hold your breath just yet. Unsurprisingly, push is still missing, nor is support for POP accounts. Be that as it may, the changes that have been applied to the app this time around are still welcome ones. The most significant change to come into effect via today's update is the inclusion of a new navigation gesture. Sparrow now lets you return from the message view to the message list by simply swiping from left to right. This gesture has been implemented in Reeder for iPad and Readability, among many other apps, and it's nice to see it finally adopted in Sparrow. Although only a small change, it further reinforces the app's pane navigation system. The update also brings fixes for German and Chinese localization as well as for other aspects of the app. Avatar rendering in message lists and the pull-to-adjacent-message action have both been improved. Moreover, bugs linked to the formatting of to-be-forwarded messages, folder name display on Gmail accounts, batch deletion of conversations, and usage of URL scheme in the absence of a configured account have been squashed. Designed for iPhone, Sparrow is available in the App Store for $2.99. Let's hope the next update brings iPad support, if not the much-anticipated push or POP integration.

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