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Apparent Backlight Change Will Help iPad Overheating Issues

Apparent Backlight Change Will Help iPad Overheating Issues

July 6, 2012
Along with a new battery, a recent report from Digtimes says the new(er) iPad may arrive this year with revised backlighting. Instead of the two-backlight structure used by the current iPad, Apple is looking to return to one backlight like in the iPad 2. According to the site, using only one backlight will help cure overheating issues with the current iPad:
The extra LED is reportedly adding to overheating and that using one LED will help solve overheating issues since more backlights along with more power to heat those backlights is causing overheating.
Thankfully, just using one backlight apparently won’t affect the Retina display’s clarity or brightness. The new information is in addition to what was reported Thursday about the new model. To go along with the better performing battery, the new tablet may come with Sharp’s new IGZO display and a thinner case. All of the changes will reportedly be a selling point when the next generation comes out sometime during the holiday season, according to Digitimes. Just like my colleague Bryan M. Wolfe said in his story yesterday, I think Digitimes’ sources are dubious at best. I simply think these changes will appear in the next iPad when it is released sometime in early 2013. To release a new model so quickly would only cause customer backlash, which is something Apple definitely doesn’t need. Look for an iPad mini instead this year. Source: Digitimes

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