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Facebook Pages Manager Is Now Optimized For iPad ... Or Is It?

July 19, 2012
Facebook Pages Manager has once again received an update, following its first ever update last month. Like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera, Facebook Pages Manager is an app that's separate from the official iOS client of Facebook. Specifically, the app is targeted toward users of the popular social network who happen to hold administrative roles in managing Facebook pages. The app's previous update added messaging capabilities, among other features. Its recent update is not as substantial, but it does introduce several improvements. In the new version of Facebook Pages Manager, you can now upload photos to any of your page's albums as well as view photo attachments in messages. Support for 11 languages is also included in the update. There's one significant change, though, that appears to have been left out in the app's changelog. Apparently, Facebook Pages Manager is now universal. [caption id="attachment_321364" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Facebook Pages Manager for iPad. O RLY?[/caption] Facebook Pages Manager launched a couple of months ago as an app that's optimized for iPhone only. Now, it has been optimized for iPad as well. Or has it? The app's iPad version is a mere blown-up copy of the iPhone version, so it is hardly optimized for the iPad's bigger screen. Moreover, Facebook Pages Manager for iPad doesn't even have support for landscape orientation. No wonder it's not included in the app's changelog, as it's obviously not primed for release. Optimized for iPhone and semi-optimized for iPad, Facebook Pages Manager is available in the App Store for free. I guess even as it's separate from the main Facebook iOS app, Facebook Pages Manager is just as unsatisfactory.

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