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Google Analytics Soon To Analyze Mobile App Measurements

Google Analytics Soon To Analyze Mobile App Measurements

July 1, 2012
Shortly after releasing its flagship Android tablet and its official iOS apps for its Web browser and storage service, Google has announced another new product. Well, it's not exactly a new product, as it's actually an enhancement to an existing one. All the same, it's an indication of the company's regard for mobile app development. It's called Google Mobile App Analytics. Obviously, it's a new component of Google Analytics. Analytics has long been generating statistics about Web sites. But it's only now, with the introduction of Mobile App Analytics, that Analytics is set to show data for mobile apps as well. There are other app measurement services available, Product Manager JiaJing Wang acknowledges, but they don't provide all the relevant data in one place. Mobile App Analytics is expected to have that one place with its "holistic app analytics." Mobile App Analytics covers both iOS and Android apps. It includes data on a variety of aspects including:
  • acquisitions and users
  • engagement
  • devices and network
  • loyalty
  • crashes and exceptions
There's one type of information, though, that is inherently inaccessible for iOS apps: Google Play referrals. App use has overtaken Web use for quite some time now, and it's only reasonable for Google to start supporting app statistics in Google Analytics. According to Wang, Google Mobile App Analytics goes live by the end of the summer. In the meantime, if you're an app developer and you wish to participate in testing the tool, you can sign up for the beta version here. Source: Techcrunch

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