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New Patent Shows Another Way We Might Be Charging Our iOS Devices Someday

New Patent Shows Another Way We Might Be Charging Our iOS Devices Someday

July 12, 2012
According to Macgasm, another recently published patent continues to show that Apple is exploring a number of new and different ways for users to charge their devices. Filed last year, the new patent shows how an iPod nano-like device could be charged with its clip, instead of with the quickly aging dock connector.
Systems and methods are provided for docking a portable user device to a docking device or adapter via a clip mechanism. A portable user device may include two clip members which rotate relative to one another about an axis. A coupling pivot may be coupled to both clip members to facilitate relative rotation, and may provide a clamping force between the clip members. One or more terminals may be located on at least one of the clip members, allowing data transfer, charging, or other functions when the portable user device is docked using the clip mechanism.
This isn’t the first patent filed by Apple that covers wireless charging. In late June, an awarded patent detailed a wireless charging system for an iPhone or iPod touch. The system would allow wireless charging by simply placing the device on a specially designed dock with a reradiating antenna and inductive charging circuit. And an intuitive U.K. resident showed that it isn’t all that difficult to bring wireless charging to your iPhone 4S right now. Tanveer Islam, a doctor by day and hardware hacker during his spare time, used some serious electrical engineering skills to make the process work. And it only added a little more than 1 millimeter of thickness to his revved-up handset. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for an iOS device that doesn’t need wires to charge or sync. Hopefully, Apple will make it a reality soon. Source: Macgasm

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