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The AppAdvice iOS 6 Quick Pick: Apple Makes App Buying Experience Easier, Quicker

July 3, 2012
Packed with 200 new and/or improved features, iOS 6 is very different than the iOS it will soon replace, version 5. AppAdvice will occasionally highlight one of these new features in a column we’re calling, the iOS 6 Quick Pick. Enjoy! Come fall, the App Store experience on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad will be much more customer friendly and quicker too. In addition to revamping the mobile store with a new design in iOS 6, Apple is changing the app buying experience ever so slightly. When making a purchase or initiating an update in iOS, you’ll no longer be sent back to your iDevice’s home screen. Instead, you’ll remain in the store. This tiny change could lead to more sales since it eliminates a step between each purchase. Naturally, this isn't good news only for customers, but also for iOS developers. And yes, it is good news for Apple's bottom line too. [caption id="attachment_316395" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Updates - Without Leaving App Store"]Updates - Without Leaving App Store[/caption] Be sure to check out our previous two Quick Picks: Mail app changes in iOS 6 and That Stretchy Thing. What other iOS 6 features would you like AppAdvice to highlight in the coming weeks and months?

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