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Auto-Fire In The Hole! Metal Slug 3 Gains New Firing Option And Window Mode

Auto-Fire In The Hole! Metal Slug 3 Gains New Firing Option And Window Mode

August 22, 2012
Last July, SNK Playmore released Metal Slug 3 in the App Store. And now, it has updated the game for the very first time. Metal Slug 3 is the popular Neo Geo 2-D arcade shooter’s official iOS port ... and then some. In addition to the game’s classic arcade mode, Metal Slug 3 includes a mission mode, which allows you to choose in which stages you want to play. It also includes Game Center integration and co-op gameplay via Bluetooth. Now, thanks to its first ever update, Metal Slug 3 has gained a couple of new features. First, a window mode has been added to Metal Slug 3. This new mode enables you to focus better on the game by letting you set button icons outside the game screen. To activate the window mode, just tap the game settings icon and go to “Video Options.” Then, select “Window” among the three available modes. The other two modes are designated with the aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. The other new feature brought by the update is the much-requested auto-fire function. To enable the auto-fire function, tap the game setting icon, go to “Key Configuration,” and toggle “Autofire” on. As well, you can tap the in-game pause icon and navigate to the “Autofire” setting. Of course, you can toggle it back to its off state should auto-fire prove less gratifying than shooting your enemies manually in Metal Slug 3. Optimized for intense arcade shooting on both iPhone and iPad, Metal Slug 3 is available in the App Store for $6.99.

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