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Mr. Reader Shows Some Love For Chrome And Various Other Services

Mr. Reader Shows Some Love For Chrome And Various Other Services

August 24, 2012
Hey, mister (or miss)! Mr. Reader has once again received a major update today. The latest update to the popular Google Reader client for iPad brings a slew of improvements, most of which augment its already impressive support for a variety of services. Perhaps the most notable among the improvements introduced by the update is the ability to open links in Chrome. Already available in such apps as Tweetings and, of course, Google+, the option to directly open Chrome enhances Mr. Reader's existing support for opening links in Atomic, Grazing, iCab Mobile, Mercury, Opera Mini, Sleipnir, or the default Safari. The update also includes the following added services, which you can enable in the app’s settings pane:
  • Added the bookmarking service Kippt (
  • Add articles to Bolt (
  • Send link by 'Message' as new service added
  • Added CloudApp as an additional URL shortener (
  • Added Bolt as an additional URL shortener (
  • The blogging App 'Blogsy' is now supported (
In addition, selecting existing tags when using Delicious, Diigo, Pinboard, or Zootool is now possible. The update also makes Mr. Reader accessible for visually impaired users with its added support for VoiceOver. Also, it adds a new option in the text selection context menu for translating a selected word or sentence. Moreover, it adds a new “Load More Articles” option, enabling you to download more articles by tapping and holding the table options button. The new version of Mr. Reader is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a $3.99 download. I swear by Reeder, on iPhone as well as iPad, but I must say Mr. Reader is a more than worthy competitor. Just ask my colleague Christine, who declared Mr. Reader the winner in the iPad category in AppAdvice’s RSS reader app showdown.

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