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Procreate Proactively Adds Support For More iPad Styli

Procreate Proactively Adds Support For More iPad Styli

August 11, 2012
Procreate, the studio-grade iPad illustration app that’s so powerful as to aid in the making of, say, a music video, has just gotten another update. And if this update proves anything, it’s that Procreate is proactive. Procreate is proactive because it has already added support for a couple of styli that haven’t been released yet. One of these upcoming styli is the Jaja. Touted as “the world’s first pressure-sensitive stylus for iPad” when it was introduced via a Kickstarter campaign in December last year, Jaja is expected to ship this month. Jaja is unique in that it uses high-frequency sound to communicate with an iPad instead of a wire or a proprietary wireless protocol. The other upcoming stylus already supported by Procreate is the Pogo Connect. Made by Ten One Design, Pogo Connect is also a pressure-sensitive stylus, but it’s one that uses Bluetooth 4.0. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. While Procreate’s latest update adds support for two soon-to-arrive styli, it does improve its support for the already available Jot Touch. Jot Touch is also a pressure-sensitive stylus that uses Bluetooth technology. You can see it being used to create art in Procreate in the promo video above. You can install the update now for free, or download Procreate for iPad in the App Store for $4.99. The update also includes Dropbox support (Finally!), a new UI for external devices, improved performance of large brushes, and a bunch of bug fixes (Of course!).

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